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Our added value

Since 1985 BCI Global is one of the leading independent international business consultancy firms in the areas of business strategy, supply chain design & optimization, location selection and implementation. Our added value can be summarized as follows:

  • We have a proven and long standing track record of repeating customers and a very high customer satisfaction score
  • We have performed more than 2,000 projects in more than 40 countries for more than 1,500 clients, spanning a wide range of industries and including many Fortune 500, privately held and multinational companies
  • We know how to efficiently run projects from a content perspective but also in terms of managing the process of realizing buy-in from relevant stakeholders within the company’s organization and tailoring the best solution towards implementation
  • Our approach can be characterized as businesswise and pragmatic. The distribution or location strategy has to be linked with the business objectives and strategy – therefore we conduct thorough research and analysis, identify feasible alternatives, have direct knowledge of the international investment market and warm market contacts to ensure feasibility and translate a vision that can be implemented: we deliver solutions that work in practice and can help implement them if required
  • We are 100% impartial, objective and independent, as we have no interests (regarding any country, region, location, real estate or service provider solution) regarding our client’s decision. As a result we focus on the best strategic or practical decision for our clients, not on short term transactions or deals
  • Our international project teams consist of management-level experts with many years of relevant experience and expertise both from consultancy and from (line) management perspective. The team also includes location strategy & site selection, supply chain and international business experts. The combination of executive senior experts with true content matter experts brings the value to our clients that is required to make any project a success

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