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The future of high tech logistics

René Boerema, director at BCI Global explains “BCI developed a white paper based upon interviews with supply chain executives of more than 20 multinationals within the High Tech and Consumer Electronics industry vertical. The survey illustrates that companies are looking for supply chain flexibility and transparency of cost by total supply chain visibility or collaboration. “Also a better management of risks is a true challenge. Now companies are setting up truly integrated supply chain organizations”.
In addition to cost reduction and solving operational and tactical issues, supply chain executives have to organize their alignment with key customers/channel partners on performance, demand management and demand sensing to create visibility and using business intelligence to support factual discussion in order to create growth and profitability. Other challenges: accommodating a multi-channel network and differentiating the supply chain requirements by product – market – channel to optimize performance and profitability throughout the chain.

Industrial companies can request a copy of the report by sending an email to René Boerema.

More info:
René Boerema: telephone: +31-24-3790222,

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