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Growing sales in a tough retail market environment: e-fulfillment

More and more retail revenues are earned via the internet across the globe whereas the traditional physical retail is facing though economic times. However, setting up a successful e-fulfillment solution across borders is not as easy as it might look at first instance. An e-fulfillment operation is more complex than a regular distribution center. Haex: “A distinction can be made between front office, the logistics operations and the back office. The front office includes assortment choice, webdesign and e-marketing. The logistics operations consists of warehousing, order picking, shipping and handling returns. Back office activities are typically customer service, inventory control and all finance-admin activities.” Key challenges involve the large degree of returns, last mile logistics to deliver products to residential areas, international sales for companies with a domestic retail/webshop model (e.g. import duties, VAT, languages, pricing, compliance) and the fragmented supplier base to link all functions into one with a multi region scope.
BCI Global assists retailers with development of their European e-fulfillment strategy which could lead to either a location choice for an e-fulfillment center or the identification of the best e-fulfillment provider. In this last category we distinguish regular 3PL’s with e-fulfillment capabilities and dedicated e-fulfillment providers like Docdata, Netrada and Arvato to name a few.

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