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Questions of clients

Questions regarding:

Location Strategy & Site Selection
  • ‘We are expecting huge market growth in Europe. Do we need to set up a plant in Europe or in Asia to serve the European market, if we take all relevant cost and service factors into account?’
  • ‘What is a good location for my new facility, taking into account our business strategy, cost, the availability and quality of staff, logistical optimization, investment incentives, taxes and infrastructure?’
  • ‘Our company want to centralize its global customer support functions and is looking for new locations in the US, Asia and Europe with access to enough multilingual talent.’
  • ‘Our company intends to consolidate all our distribution centers in the EMEA region. What is the best location strategy for achieving this?’
  • ‘We want to continue to develop the market and are looking for sites for three regional distribution centers.’
  • ‘Our company owns a 6-acre site that it no longer requires. What are the sale options?’
  • ‘Our company is growing rapidly and needs a new, flexible approach to real estate.’
Supply Chain Strategy, Network Design and Implementation
  • ´Given the economic volatility, how to realize step change cost reduction within the supply chain whilst accommodating the business in growing markets?´
  • ‘In view of our recent takeovers, what is the best supply chain strategy for servicing our customers?’
  • ´What is the right sourcing strategy for our products and markets? Off shoring to China or Vietnam or near sourcing in Latin America or Eastern Europe?´
  • ´What is the optimal distribution network (number, size, role of manufacturing and distribution facilities)?´
  • ‘We want to reduce the inventory in the network without adversely affecting our service levels. What is the right approach to achieve this?’
  • ‘We’re a shipper looking for a logistics partner to outsource our European and Asian storage and distribution. Which of the hundreds of logistics service providers has the right fit with our logistics profile?’
  • ‘We have to reduce transport costs by 15% on short notice. How can we achieve this while still maintaining reliability, frequency of delivery and flexibility?’
  • ‘How can we optimise the management of our large portfolio of transport partners? Is a control tower the right solution?’
International business and go to market strategies
  • ‘It looks like our new medicine will do well in the European market. We need a good business plan for Europe, can you help us?’
  • ‘What is the best way to realize our expansion strategy in Russia? What products should we offer? Which countries should we go to first? Which channels should we use?’
  • ‘Our company is looking for an analysis what promising markets and countries are for our products/services’
  • ´How to accommodate the business in developing markets such as Russia, China, India, Brazil and which go to market model and associated supply chain is required/feasible?´

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