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Example of a site selection process for a technical support center

  • Client: US based multinational software company (Fortune 500)
  • Assignment: Define a location for the high-end enterprise global technical support center to deliver the support services for Central and Eastern Europe (growing market) and German and French customers with a high quality and low risk profile.
  • Project idea: Project in two main phases: 1) to determine the most optimal location strategy and 2) to perform the in-depth location selection. We started by defining the project profile, location requirements and long list locations. We then performed a location analysis and site visits to 14 locations ranging from the Baltic States, to Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunis to Morocco as well as looking at lower cost alternative locations in France and Germany. With these results we developed several scenarios including the status quo and a one center versus a two center approach. For the different scenarios we calculated the cost per call and provided a quality and risk assessment. The preferred option was a centralized lower cost-high quality single site solution.
  • Method: For the preferred single site solution 5 locations in Bulgaria and Romania were assessed in depth in a more detailed due diligence during an extensive cost-quality analysis. On request of our client, BCI organized complete fact finding trips to the five most promising cities on short notice. These trips included meetings with local authorities, labor agencies, real estate agents, already existing call centers, etc. The two most promising locations where then visited by a joined BCI/Client team.
  • Result: Based on 10 specific job titles, we were able for all the 5 finalist cities to have in-depth, reliable information on cost levels and availability of these functions. This resulted in a clear proposition and location choice advice. We supported the client also with advice how to bring this project to the works council, a sensitive issue because unnecessary turmoil and negative press were not in the interest of our client. With the new location our client saved over 30% of operational costs.