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Supply Chain Strategy

If no two customers are the same, why do many companies still have only one single supply chain?

BCI Global supports clients in developing a clear supply chain strategy that is aligned to the business strategy by geography and go to market channel.
The starting point for such supply chain strategy is the value proposition of the client, the competitive landscape and the perception of value from the customer’s perspective. Based upon requirements by geographic markets, channel and product characteristics, BCI Global supports clients in developing a supply chain strategy that adds value to the business.

Although every client and project has unique features, the typical process steps in development of an end to end supply chain strategy includes benchmarking, capturing the voice of the customer (both internally as externally), mapping the client’s supply chain on a maturity grid and development of a detailed roadmap for the next 3 -5 years in terms of competences, organization, responsibilities, processes, footprint, IT, etc.

Typical benefits are a clearly documented and aligned supply chain strategy acting as a communication tool and prioritization of actions within the end to end supply chain.

BCI Global can play various roles in such a process, ranging from project lead to an expert role and challenging the client’s team.