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Project Management and Implementation

Developing the right supply chain solution is only one element of the equation. Making it happen is a different one. Many supply chain transitions fail either due to the lack of a proper vision or due to poor implementation planning / execution.

Over the last decade, BCI has developed a strong implementation (support) capability, enabling us to support both the strategic redesign phase as well as the transition phase from a physical footprint perspective, the related supply chain organization and operators (3PLs, carriers).

Some key questions to be answered and processes to be managed in realization of the supply chain design:

  • How to implement? What kind of organization, role, team, timelines? Sequence of activities?
  • What are the risks and how to set up risk mitigation plans?
  • How do we sell the new concept to our board?
  • How to link the supply chain vision with the overall business strategy?
  • What are the interdependencies between the transformation and other projects such as IT implementations? How to manage timelines, resources, budget and risks?
  • What kind of organization is required when the implementation is done? What functions, processes ? How to build such organization?
  • How to link the new concept and related organization into performance metrics and KPIs?
 Our starting point is the commitment of a client to develop and deliver a supply chain transition to improve the overall performance of the supply chain. This could be for instance a rationalization of the supply chain (consolidation of the footprint), insourcing/outsourcing decisions, developing a more professional supply chain organization etc.

An implementation in our opinion cannot not be a pure consultants or external resources driven effort. The BCI Global implementation services are therefore supporting our client base with the development of the vision and providing support in making the transition. This support can be on different levels in the organization and in various participation levels in different roles in the transition processes (e.g. varying from project management owning the project versus participation in steering committees to monitor and evaluate progress).

Combining the strengths of BCI in terms of both creating the vision and the ability to execute has proven to deliver the new supply chain vision on time in budget with our clients based upon highly professional, international operating, experienced and pragmatic BCI Global project managers.